Our goal at Cafe YOU is to be the best cafe / coffee shop / restaurant in SW Florida. To achieve this goal we have to provide the best service, best food and coffee and we have to provide our customers with the best environment and atmosphere possible to enjoy their dining experience.

We work hard to make every visit here a 5 star experience which we achieve by working together as a well coordinated team and by doing everything to the best of our individual abilities every day and every time.

For this reason we place a very high value on team work and we look for people who;

  • take great pride in what they do
  • have a positive and enthusiastic outlook on life
  • have stellar customer service skills
  • appreciate fine dining
  • value the benefits of healthy eating and
  • understand different food preferences and intollerances.

Previous server experience not required. If you are interested in working for Cafe YOU, please complete and submit the attached application form together with a copy of your resume; either in person or by email to cafeyou@yahoo.com.

Click here to download our Application for Employment form.