What’s included in this Update:

·      Rebuilding & Recovering

·      Our 2022 Holiday Hours & Food Orders

·      Candidate Meet & Greet – Jennifer Nelson

·      Event Calendar – Nov 2022 to Feb 2023

·      Our Gluten Free History

Rebuilding & Recovering

Never in our wildest dreams could we have imagined the damage and destruction that Hurricane Ian did to our community. Our hearts go out to those of you who were badly affected. We know that it will take years for our community to fully rebuild and recover. Despite this, we hope that life will get back to some sort of “normal” for all our customers soon.

Beside the financial impact of being closed for 10 days, I am relieved to report that all our team members are safe and that the Café YOU sustained only minimal property damage. We are open again for business and all our scheduled events are now going ahead as planned. Please check out our event calendar for the next 4 months (see below). It’s packed with wine dinners, chef tasting dinners, Thanksgiving and Halloween dinners and more fun and interesting events.

Our 2022 Holiday Hours & Food Orders

Happy Holidays to our amazing customers. We appreciate YOU!

Café YOU Holiday Hours

Café YOU will be closed for family time on the following dates:

    • THU & FRI NOV 24 & 25, 2022

    • SAT DEC 24, 2022

    • SAT DEC 31, 2022

Holiday Food Orders

You will be able to order any one or more of our cakes and all kins of yummy entrée dishes from us to add to your Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Eve tables. Watch this space for more entrée lists and prices.

  Order By Pickup By
Thanksgiving Order by NOV 21 Pick up NOV 23
Christmas Order by DEC 20 Pick up DEC 24
New Year’s Eve Order by DEC 28 Pick up DEC 30 

Candidate Meet & Greet – Jennifer Nelson

You are all invited to come and meet Jennifer Nelson, one of your Cape Coral City Council candidates (District 4), who is hosting a meet and greet at Café YOU on;

Tuesday, October 25 at 5:30 pm

This is your opportunity to not only meet Jennifer but, also to sample some of Café YOU’s most popular menu items; korma, green curry, avocado smash and more. Don’t miss this fun event. You don’t need to book, all the food is complimentary. Standard menu prices apply for coffee, tea, soft drinks, beer & wine.


Event Calendar – Nov 2022 to Feb 2023

November 2022

French Wine Dinner ● SAT NOV 5 ● 7 PM

Join us for a Parisian culinary adventure with optional wine pairings.

Pavlova Friday ● FRI NOV 18 ● 9AM – 3PM

Treat yourself to this absolutely delicious Australian GF specialty. A meringue base with a soft center, generously topped w/ whipped cream & a fall inspired surprise.

Vegan Thanksgiving Dinner ● SAT NOV 19 ● 7 PM

six-course, all vegan Thanksgiving extravaganza with optional wine pairings.

Thanksgiving Preorder Pick-up ● WED NOV 23 ● 9AM – 3PM

Pick-up pre-ordered baked goods and Thanksgiving entrees.

December 2022

Lebanese Wine Dinner ● SAT DEC 3 ● 7 PM (Rescheduled from Oct 15th)

Take a journey to the Middle East with authentic food & wine.

DONUT Day ● FRI DEC 9 ● 9AM – 3PM

DONUT miss this this opportunity for our Vegan & GF hole foods! Don’t forget to preorder!

Pavlova Friday ● FRI DEC 16 ● 9AM – 3PM

Treat yourself to this delicious Australian GF dessert.

January 2023

Chef Tasting Dinner ● SAT JAN 14 ● 7PM

six-course, culinary extravaganza with optional wine pairings created by our expert culinary team.

Vegan Tapas n’ Wine ● THU JAN 19 ● 5PM, 6PM or 7PM

An All-Vegan happy hour tapas feast like you’ve never experienced before.  Optional wine pairing.

Pavlova Friday ● FRI JAN 27 ● 9AM – 3PM

Inspired by Russian Ballerina Ana Pavlova, this delicious GF desert is only available once a month!

Australian Wine Dinner ● SAT JAN 28 ● 7 PM

Join us in celebrating Australian Day with Aussie inspired tucker & ripper regional wines.

February 2023 

VEGAN-tine’s Chef Tasting Dinner ● SAT FEB 11 ● 7 PM

Bring your special vegan love and celebrate an early Valentine’s Day dinner, Café YOU style! 

VEGAN Donut Day ● TUE FEB 14 ● 9AM – 3PM

DONUT miss this one! Vegan & GF. We donut doubt that your love will LOVE our DONUTS! Don’t forget to preorder!

Pavlova Friday ● FRI FEB 24 ● 9AM – 3PM

Ooey gooey & delicious Australian meringue topped with fresh cream & fruit.

South African Wine Dinner ● SAT FEB 25 ● 7 PM

Join us for an awesome South African culinary adventure with optional wine pairings.

Our Gluten Free History

We thought that we’d share a bit of history about our Gluten Free menu items and baked goods.

When we first opened Café YOU in late 2015, we included a small number of Gluten Free (GF) items on our menu and in our pastry cabinet, as is typical in most Australian cafes.

We soon realized that many people in our community are sensitive and/or intolerant to gluten and that there are not many places in Lee County where they can enjoy a meal without worrying that they will feel the negative effects, sometimes very severe effects, of consuming gluten.

To meet the demand our culinary team have become more and more skilled in using GF alternatives when preparing food and our GF options have increased and now make up a substantial part of our menu and most of our dinner menus are entirely GF. If you’ve ever tasted any of our GF muffins, donuts or cakes, you’ll know that our pastry chef, Ana has become a master at GF baking. If you haven’t tasted her GF bread yet, you must try it Its beautifully moist, full of flavor and absolutely delicious. We’ve shipped loaves of this bread across America, people like it so much. Our GF intolerant customers tell us that they love coming to Café YOU because they can trust that our GF options will not make them sick. Having said this, please note that our kitchen is not GF. We are extremely careful not to cross contaminate our GF stuff but cannot guarantee that there are no trace elements of gluten in our GF food and baked goods. So, just in case, we always advise people with severe GF sensitivities and intolerances not to consume any of our food.